grafana/grafana v5.1.0

  • The recent 5.0 major release contained a lot of new features, so the Grafana 5.1 release is focused on smoothing out some rough edges and iterating over some of the new features.

    Release Highlights

    5.1.0 (2018-04-26)

    • Folders: Default permissions on folder are not shown as inherited in its dashboards #11668
    • Templating: Allow more than 20 previews when creating a variable #11508
    • Dashboard: Row edit icon not shown #11466
    • SQL: Unsupported data types for value column using time series query #11703
    • Prometheus: Prometheus query inspector expands to be very large on autocomplete queries #11673

    5.1.0-beta1 (2018-04-20)

    • MSSQL: New Microsoft SQL Server data source #10093, #11298, thx @linuxchips
    • Prometheus: The heatmap panel now support Prometheus histograms #10009
    • Postgres/MySQL: Ability to insert 0s or nulls for missing intervals #9487, thanks @svenklemm
    • Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL: Fix precision for the time column in table mode #11306
    • Graph: Align left and right Y-axes to one level #1271 & #2740 thx @ilgizar
    • Graph: Thresholds for Right Y axis #7107, thx @ilgizar
    • Graph: Support multiple series stacking in histogram mode #8151, thx @mtanda
    • Alerting: Pausing/un alerts now updates new_state_date #10942
    • Alerting: Support Pagerduty notification channel using Pagerduty V2 API #10531, thx @jbaublitz
    • Templating: Add comma templating format #10632, thx @mtanda
    • Prometheus: Show template variable candidate in query editor #9210, thx @mtanda
    • Prometheus: Support POST for query and query_range #9859, thx @mtanda
    • Alerting: Add support for retries on alert queries #5855, thx @Thib17
    • Table: Table plugin value mappings #7119, thx infernix
    • IE11: IE 11 compatibility #11165
    • Scrolling: Better scrolling experience #11053, #11252, #10836, #11185, #11168
    • Docker: Improved docker image (breaking changes regarding file ownership) grafana-docker #141, thx @Spindel, @ChristianKniep, @brancz and @jangaraj
    • Folders: A folder admin cannot add user/team permissions for folder/its dashboards #11173
    • Provisioning: Improved workflow for provisioned dashboards #10883


    • OpsGenie: Add triggered alerts as description #11046, thx @llamashoes
    • Cloudwatch: Support high resolution metrics #10925, thx @mtanda
    • Cloudwatch: Add dimension filtering to CloudWatch dimension_values() #10029, thx @willyhutw
    • Units: Second to HH:mm:ss formatter #11107, thx @gladdiologist
    • Singlestat: Add color to prefix and postfix in singlestat panel #11143, thx @ApsOps
    • Dashboards: Version cleanup fails on old databases with many entries #11278
    • Server: Adjust permissions of unix socket #11343, thx @corny
    • Shortcuts: Add shortcut for duplicate panel #11102
    • AuthProxy: Support IPv6 in Auth proxy white list #11330, thx @corny
    • SMTP: Don’t connect to STMP server using TLS unless configured. #7189
    • Prometheus: Escape backslash in labels correctly. #10555, thx @roidelapluie
    • Variables: Case-insensitive sorting for template values #11128 thx @cross
    • Annotations (native): Change default limit from 10 to 100 when querying api #11569, thx @flopp999
    • MySQL/Postgres/MSSQL: PostgreSQL datasource generates invalid query with dates before 1970 #11530 thx @ryantxu
    • Kiosk: Adds url parameter for starting a dashboard in inactive mode #11228, thx @towolf
    • Dashboard: Enable closing timepicker using escape key #11332
    • Datasources: Rename direct access mode in the data source settings #11391
    • Search: Display dashboards in folder indented #11073
    • Units: Use B/s instead Bps for Bytes per second #9342, thx @mayli
    • Units: Radiation units #11001, thx @victorclaessen
    • Units: Timeticks unit #11183, thx @jtyr
    • Units: Concentration units and “Normal cubic metre” #11211, thx @flopp999
    • Units: New currency - Czech koruna #11384, thx @Rohlik
    • Avatar: Fix DISABLE_GRAVATAR option #11095
    • Heatmap: Disable log scale when using time time series buckets #10792
    • Provisioning: Remove id from json when provisioning dashboards, #11138
    • Prometheus: tooltip for legend format not showing properly #11516, thx @svenklemm
    • Playlist: Empty playlists cannot be deleted #11133, thx @kichristensen
    • Switch Orgs: Alphabetic order in Switch Organization modal #11556
    • Postgres: improve $__timeFilter macro #11578, thx @svenklemm
    • Permission list: Improved ux #10747
    • Dashboard: Sizing and positioning of settings menu icons #11572
    • Dashboard: Add search filter/tabs to new panel control #10427
    • Folders: User with org viewer role should not be able to save/move dashboards in/to general folder #11553
    • Influxdb: Dont assume the first column in table response is time. #11476, thx @hahnjo


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    Attention : l’id du user Grafana a changé. Pour éviter l’erreur liée à la migration de la base de données (sqlstore error="Sqlstore::Migration failed err: unable to open database file"), il faut changer les droits des répertoires Grafana.

    C’est indiqué dans la documentation ici.

    A mon avis, le plus simple est de changer les permissions plutôt que de démarrer Grafana avec l’ancien ID de Grafana.

    Bref un gros chown -R 472 sur le répertoire Grafana est c’est reparti ! 😎

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