• edge-20.11.1

    This edge supersedes edge-20.10.6 as a release candidate for stable-2.9.0.

    • Fixed issue where the check command would error when there is no Prometheus
    • Fixed recent regression that caused multicluster on EKS to not work properly
    • Changed the check command to warn instead of error when webhook certificates
      are near expiry
    • Added the --ingress flag to the inject command which adds the recently
      introduced linkerd.io/inject: ingress annotation
    • Fixed issue with upgrades where external certs would be fetched and stored
      even though this does not happen on fresh installs with externally created
    • Fixed issue with upgrades where the issuer cert expiration was being reset
    • Removed the --registry flag from the multicluster install command
    • Removed default CPU limits for the proxy and control plane components in HA

    A retrouver ici : https://github.com/linkerd/linkerd2/releases/tag/edge-20.11.1

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