cloudnativelabs/kube-router v1.0.0

  • Breaking changes and knows issues:

    If you are upgrading from v1.0.0-rc4 or earlier version following breaking changes apply:

    • The way network policies are configured using iptables on the nodes has been modified to keep built in chains cleaner. You need to flush the iptables filter table or reboot the node before running this version of kube-router
    • if you have egress network policies applied to workload, you need to ensure proper value for service-cluster-ip-range and service-node-port-range configured to ensure pod’s can access service cluster IP’s and NodePort services


    b6acd0a1 stop processing service and endpoints updates if network service (#939)
    b7aad2e0 doc(😞 add info about proxy and SNAT (#935)
    c71eb9ad proxy: only output Error log when there’s an error (#942)
    fb93467c Merge pull request #929 from aauren/handle_branches_with_slashes
    3156f433 Makefile: remove slashes from git branch if they exist

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