prometheus/alertmanager 0.21.0 / 2020-06-16

  • This release removes the HipChat integration as it is discontinued by Atlassian on June 30th 2020.

    • [CHANGE] [HipChat] Remove HipChat integration as it is end-of-life. #2282
    • [CHANGE] [amtool] Remove default assignment of environment variables. #2161
    • [CHANGE] [PagerDuty] Enforce 512KB event size limit. #2225
    • [ENHANCEMENT] [amtool] Add cluster command to show cluster and peer statuses. #2256
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Add redirection from / to the routes prefix when it isn’t empty. #2235
    • [ENHANCEMENT] [Webhook] Add max_alerts option to limit the number of alerts included in the payload. #2274
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Improve logs for API v2, notifications and clustering. #2177 #2188 #2260 #2261 #2273
    • [BUGFIX] Fix child routes not inheriting their parent route’s grouping when group_by: [...]. #2154
    • [BUGFIX] [UI] Fix the receiver selector in the Alerts page when the receiver name contains regular expression metacharacters such as +. #2090
    • [BUGFIX] Fix error message about start and end time validation. #2173
    • [BUGFIX] Fix a potential race condition in dispatcher. #2208
    • [BUGFIX] [API v2] Return an empty array of peers when the clustering is disabled. #2203
    • [BUGFIX] Fix the registration of alertmanager_dispatcher_aggregation_groups and alertmanager_dispatcher_alert_processing_duration_seconds metrics. #2200
    • [BUGFIX] Always retry notifications with back-off. #2290

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