prometheus/prometheus 2.18.0 / 2020-05-05

    • [CHANGE] Federation: Only use local TSDB for federation (ignore remote read). #7077
    • [CHANGE] Rules: rule_evaluations_total and rule_evaluation_failures_total have a rule_group label now. #7094
    • [FEATURE] Tracing: Added experimental Jaeger support #7148
    • [ENHANCEMENT] TSDB: Significantly reduce WAL size kept around after a block cut. #7098
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Discovery: Add architecture meta label for EC2. #7000
    • [BUGFIX] UI: Fixed wrong MinTime reported by /status. #7182
    • [BUGFIX] React UI: Fixed multiselect legend on OSX. #6880
    • [BUGFIX] Remote Write: Fixed blocked resharding edge case. #7122
    • [BUGFIX] Remote Write: Fixed remote write not updating on relabel configs change. #7073

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