prometheus/prometheus 2.16.0 / 2020-02-13

    • [FEATURE] React UI: Support local timezone on /graph #6692
    • [FEATURE] PromQL: add absent_over_time query function #6490
    • [FEATURE] Adding optional logging of queries to their own file #6520
    • [ENHANCEMENT] React UI: Add support for rules page and “Xs ago” duration displays #6503
    • [ENHANCEMENT] React UI: alerts page, replace filtering togglers tabs with checkboxes #6543
    • [ENHANCEMENT] TSDB: Export metric for WAL write errors #6647
    • [ENHANCEMENT] TSDB: Improve query performance for queries that only touch the most recent 2h of data. #6651
    • [ENHANCEMENT] PromQL: Refactoring in parser errors to improve error messages #6634
    • [ENHANCEMENT] PromQL: Support trailing commas in grouping opts #6480
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Scrape: Reduce memory usage on reloads by reusing scrape cache #6670
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Scrape: Add metrics to track bytes and entries in the metadata cache #6675
    • [ENHANCEMENT] promtool: Add support for line-column numbers for invalid rules output #6533
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Avoid restarting rule groups when it is unnecessary #6450
    • [BUGFIX] React UI: Send cookies on fetch() on older browsers #6553
    • [BUGFIX] React UI: adopt grafana flot fix for stacked graphs #6603
    • [BUFGIX] React UI: broken graph page browser history so that back button works as expected #6659
    • [BUGFIX] TSDB: ensure compactionsSkipped metric is registered, and log proper error if one is returned from head.Init #6616
    • [BUGFIX] TSDB: return an error on ingesting series with duplicate labels #6664
    • [BUGFIX] PromQL: Fix unary operator precedence #6579
    • [BUGFIX] PromQL: Respect query.timeout even when we reach query.max-concurrency #6712
    • [BUGFIX] PromQL: Fix string and parentheses handling in engine, which affected React UI #6612
    • [BUGFIX] PromQL: Remove output labels returned by absent() if they are produced by multiple identical label matchers #6493
    • [BUGFIX] Scrape: Validate that OpenMetrics input ends with # EOF #6505
    • [BUGFIX] Remote read: return the correct error if configs can’t be marshal’d to JSON #6622
    • [BUGFIX] Remote write: Make remote client Store use passed context, which can affect shutdown timing #6673
    • [BUGFIX] Remote write: Improve sharding calculation in cases where we would always be consistently behind by tracking pendingSamples #6511
    • [BUGFIX] Ensure prometheus_rule_group metrics are deleted when a rule group is removed #6693

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