prometheus/alertmanager 0.18.0 / 2019-07-08

    • [CHANGE] Remove quantile labels from Summary metrics. #1921
    • [CHANGE] [OpsGenie] Move from the deprecated teams field in the configuration to responders. #1863
    • [CHANGE] [ui] Collapse alert groups on the initial view. #1876
    • [CHANGE] [Wechat] Set the default API secret to blank. #1888
    • [CHANGE/BUGFIX] [PagerDuty] Fix embedding of images, the text field in the configuration has been renamed to href. #1931
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Use persistent HTTP clients. #1904
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Add alertmanager_cluster_alive_messages_total, alertmanager_cluster_peer_info and alertmanager_cluster_pings_seconds metrics. #1941
    • [ENHANCEMENT] [api] Add missing metrics for API v2. #1902
    • [ENHANCEMENT] [Slack] Log error message on retry errors. #1655
    • [ENHANCEMENT] [ui] Allow to create silences from the alerts filter bar. #1911
    • [ENHANCEMENT] [ui] Enable auto resize the textarea fields. #1893
    • [BUGFIX] [amtool] Use scheme, authentication and base path from the URL if present. #1892 #1940
    • [BUGFIX] [amtool] Support filtering alerts by receiver. #1915
    • [BUGFIX] [api] Fix /api/v2/alerts with multiple receivers. #1948
    • [BUGFIX] [PagerDuty] Truncate description to 1024 chars for PagerDuty v1. #1922
    • [BUGFIX] [ui] Add filtering based off of “active” query param. #1879

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