prometheus/alertmanager 0.17.0 / 2019-05-02

  • This release includes changes to amtool which are not fully backwards
    compatible with the previous amtool version (#1798) related to backup and
    import of silences. If a backup of silences is created using a previous
    version of amtool (v0.16.1 or earlier), it is possible that not all silences
    can be correctly imported using a later version of amtool.

    Additionally, the groups endpoint that was dropped from api v1 has been added
    to api v2. The default for viewing alerts in the UI now consumes from this
    endpoint and displays alerts grouped according to the groups defined in the
    running configuration. Custom grouping is still supported.

    This release has added two new flags that may need to be tweaked. For people
    running with a lot of concurrent requests, consider increasing the value of
    --web.get-concurrency. An increase in 503 errors indicates that the request
    rate is exceeding the number of currently available workers. The other new
    flag, --web.timeout, limits the time a request is allowed to run. The default
    behavior is to not use a timeout.

    • [CHANGE] Modify the self-inhibition prevention semantics (#1873)
    • [CHANGE] Make api/v2/status.cluster.{name,peers} properties optional for Alertmanager with disabled clustering (#1728)
    • [FEATURE] Add groups endpoint to v2 api (#1791)
    • [FEATURE] Optional timeout for HTTP requests (#1743)
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Set HTTP headers to prevent asset caching (#1817)
    • [ENHANCEMENT] API returns current silenced/inhibited state of alerts (#1733)
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Configurable concurrency limit for GET requests (#1743)
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Pushover notifier: support HTML, URL title and custom sounds (#1634)
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Support adding custom fields to VictorOps notifications (#1420)
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Migrate amtool CLI to API v2 (#1798)
    • [ENHANCEMENT][ui] Default alert list view grouped by configured alert groups (#1864)
    • [ENHANCEMENT][ui] Remove superfluous inhibited/silenced text, show inhibited status (#1698, #1862)
    • [ENHANCEMENT][ui] Silence preview now shows already-muted alerts (#1776)
    • [ENHANCEMENT][ui] Sort silences from api/v2 similarly to api/v1 (#1786)
    • [BUGFIX] Trim PagerDuty message summary to 1024 chars (#1701)
    • [BUGFIX] Add fix for race causing alerts to be dropped (#1843)
    • [BUGFIX][ui] Correctly construct filter query string for api (#1869)
    • [BUGFIX][ui] Do not display GroupByAll and GroupBy in marshaled config (#1665)
    • [BUGFIX][ui] Respect regex setting when creating silences (#1697)

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