prometheus/prometheus 2.9.0 / 2019-04-15

  • This releases uses Go 1.12, which includes a change in how memory is released
    to Linux. This will cause RSS to be reported as higher, however this is harmless
    and the memory is available to the kernel when it needs it.

    • [CHANGE/ENHANCEMENT] Update Consul to support catalog.ServiceMultipleTags. #5151
    • [FEATURE] Add honor_timestamps scrape option. #5304
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Discovery/kubernetes: add present labels for labels/annotations. #5443
    • [ENHANCEMENT] OpenStack SD: Add ProjectID and UserID meta labels. #5431
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Add GODEBUG and retention to the runtime page. #5324 #5322
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Add support for POSTing to /series endpoint. #5422
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Support PUT methods for Lifecycle and Admin APIs. #5376
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Scrape: Add global jitter for HA server. #5181
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Check for cancellation on every step of a range evaluation. #5131
    • [ENHANCEMENT] String interning for labels & values in the remote_write path. #5316
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Don’t lose the scrape cache on a failed scrape. #5414
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Reload cert files from disk automatically. common#173
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Use fixed length millisecond timestamp format for logs. common#172
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Performance improvements for postings. tsdb#509 tsdb#572
    • [BUGFIX] Remote Write: fix checkpoint reading. #5429
    • [BUGFIX] Check if label value is valid when unmarshaling external labels from YAML. #5316
    • [BUGFIX] Promparse: sort all labels when parsing. #5372
    • [BUGFIX] Reload rules: copy state on both name and labels. #5368
    • [BUGFIX] Exponentation operator to drop metric name in result of operation. #5329
    • [BUGFIX] Config: resolve more file paths. #5284
    • [BUGFIX] Promtool: resolve relative paths in alert test files. #5336
    • [BUGFIX] Set TLSHandshakeTimeout in HTTP transport. common#179
    • [BUGFIX] Use fsync to be more resilient to machine crashes. tsdb#573 tsdb#578
    • [BUGFIX] Keep series that are still in WAL in checkpoints. tsdb#577
    • [BUGFIX] Fix output sample values for scalar-to-vector comparison operations. #5454

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