prometheus/prometheus 2.8.0 / 2019-03-12

  • This release uses Write-Ahead Logging (WAL) for the remote_write API. This currently causes a slight increase in memory usage, which will be addressed in future releases.

    • [CHANGE] prometheus_tsdb_storage_blocks_bytes_total is now prometheus_tsdb_storage_blocks_bytes. prometheus/tsdb#506
    • [FEATURE] [EXPERIMENTAL] Time overlapping blocks are now allowed; vertical compaction and vertical query merge. It is an optional feature which is controlled by the --storage.tsdb.allow-overlapping-blocks flag, disabled by default. prometheus/tsdb#370
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Use the WAL for remote_write API. #4588
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Query performance improvements. prometheus/tsdb#531
    • [ENHANCEMENT] UI enhancements with upgrade to Bootstrap 4. #5226
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Reduce time that Alertmanagers are in flux when reloaded. #5126
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Limit number of metrics displayed on UI to 10000. #5139
    • [ENHANCEMENT] (1) Remember All/Unhealthy choice on target-overview when reloading page. (2) Resize text-input area on Graph page on mouseclick. #5201
    • [ENHANCEMENT] In histogram_quantile merge buckets with equivalent le values. #5158.
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Show list of offending labels in the error message in many-to-many scenarios. #5189
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Show Storage Retention criteria in effect on /status page. #5322
    • [BUGFIX] Fix sorting of rule groups. #5260
    • [BUGFIX] Fix support for password_file and bearer_token_file in Kubernetes SD. #5211
    • [BUGFIX] Scrape: catch errors when creating HTTP clients #5182. Adds new metrics:
      • prometheus_target_scrape_pools_total
      • prometheus_target_scrape_pools_failed_total
      • prometheus_target_scrape_pool_reloads_total
      • prometheus_target_scrape_pool_reloads_failed_total
    • [BUGFIX] Fix panic when aggregator param is not a literal. #5290

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