• Grafana v6.0 introduces a new way of exploring your data, support for log data and tons of other features.

    New major features:

    • Explore A new query focused workflow for ad-hoc data exploration and troubleshooting.
    • Grafana Loki Integration with the new open source log aggregation system from Grafana Labs.
    • Gauge Panel A new standalone panel for gauges.
    • New Panel Editor UX improves panel editing and enables easy switching between different visualizations.
    • Google Stackdriver Datasource is out of beta and is officially released.
    • Azure Monitor plugin is ported from being an external plugin to being a core datasource
    • React Plugin support enables an easier way to build plugins.
    • Named Colors in our new improved color picker.
    • Removal of user session storage makes Grafana easier to deploy & improves security.

    6.0.1 (2019-03-06)

    Bug Fixes

    • Metrics: Fixes broken usagestats metrics for /metrics #15651
    • Dashboard: Fixes kiosk mode should have &kiosk appended to the url #15765
    • Dashboard: Fixes kiosk=tv mode with autofitpanels should respect header #15650
    • Image rendering: Fixed image rendering issue for dashboards with auto refresh, . #15818, @torkelo
    • Dashboard: Fix only users that can edit a dashboard should be able to update panel json. #15805, @marefr
    • LDAP: fix allow anonymous initial bind for ldap search. #15803, @marefr
    • UX: Fixed scrollbar not visible initially (only after manual scroll). #15798, @torkelo
    • Datasource admin TestData #15793, @hugohaggmark
    • Dashboard: Fixed scrolling issue that caused scroll to be locked to bottom. #15792, @torkelo
    • Explore: Viewers with viewers_can_edit should be able to access /explore. #15787, @jschill
    • Security fix: limit access to org admin and alerting pages. #15761, @marefr
    • Panel Edit minInterval changes did not persist #15757, @hugohaggmark
    • Teams: Fixed bug when getting teams for user. #15595, @hugohaggmark
    • Stackdriver: fix for float64 bounds for distribution metrics #14509
    • Stackdriver: no reducers available for distribution type #15179

    A retrouver ici : https://github.com/grafana/grafana/releases/tag/v6.0.1

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