prometheus/snmp_exporter 0.15.0 / 2019-02-12

  • This release includes changes to both the generator.yml format and the default output of the generator for lookups.

    [CHANGE/FEATURE] Support multi-index lookups. This changes old_index to be a list old_indexes in generator.yml. (#339)
    [CHANGE/FEATURE] Allow keeping of old labels from lookups, enabled by default (#339)
    [CHANGE] The previous example modules if_mib_ifalias, if_mib_ifdescr, and if_mib_ifname have been removed from snmp.yml/generator.yml. These labels are now all available on the default if_mib example module (#339)
    [FEATURE] Add EnumAsInfo and EnumAsStateSet type overrides (#378)
    [ENHANCEMENT] Better error messages when an index can’t be handled (#369)

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