cloudnativelabs/kube-router v0.2.5

  • This release has two security fixes (#648, #649) and other small fixes

    Thanks to all the contributors.


    18769938 Removes IPv6 address insertion into BGP IPv4-only nexthop field. (#606)
    e99b6941 make gobgp grpc server listen only nodeip and (#649)
    62d0e866 handle network policies with named ports gracefully (#648)
    a93dec21 fix: broken links in contributing guide (#650)
    0599a27e Add iptables INPUT rules for tunneled services (#610)
    f07ec535 avoid duplicate peer pods in npc rules variables (#634)
    bdfdc127 when use multiple registries for pulling images in container runtime, we need specify which registry will use exacly (#645)
    a968b2b4 cleanup local routes if nexthop moves outside host subnet (#629)
    11ae253f Validate the presence of port definitions before attempting to access (#643)

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