grafana/grafana v6.0.0-beta1

  • Time for a new major release again!

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    New Features

    • Alerting: Adds support for Google Hangouts Chat notifications #11221, thx @PatrickSchuster
    • Elasticsearch: Support bucket script pipeline aggregations #5968
    • Influxdb: Add support for time zone (tz) clause #10322, thx @cykl
    • Snapshots: Enable deletion of public snapshot #14109
    • Provisioning: Provisioning support for alert notifiers #10487, thx @pbakulev
    • Explore: A whole new way to do ad-hoc metric queries and exploration. Split view in half and compare metrics & logs and much much more. Read more here


    • Alerting: Use separate timeouts for alert evals and notifications #14701, thx @sharkpc0813
    • Elasticsearch: Add support for offset in date histogram aggregation #12653, thx @mattiarossi
    • Elasticsearch: Add support for moving average and derivative using doc count (metric count) #8843 #11175
    • Elasticsearch: Add support for template variable interpolation in alias field #4075, thx @SamuelToh
    • Influxdb: Fix autocomplete of measurements does not escape search string properly #11503, thx @SamuelToh
    • Stackdriver: Aggregating series returns more than one series #14581 and #13914, thx @kinok
    • Cloudwatch: Fix Assume Role Arn #14722, thx @jaken551
    • Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL: Nanosecond timestamp support ($__unixEpochNanoFilter, $__unixEpochNanoFrom, $__unixEpochNanoTo) #14711, thx @ander26
    • Provisioning: Fixes bug causing infinite growth in dashboard_version table. #12864
    • Auth: Prevent password reset when login form is disabled or either LDAP or Auth Proxy is enabled #14246, thx @SilverFire
    • Admin: Fix prevent removing last grafana admin permissions #11067, thx @danielbh
    • Admin: When multiple user invitations, all links are the same as the first user who was invited #14483
    • LDAP: Upgrade go-ldap to v3 #14548
    • OAuth: Support OAuth providers that are not RFC6749 compliant #14562, thx @tdabasinskas
    • Proxy whitelist: Add CIDR capability to auth_proxy whitelist #14546, thx @jacobrichard
    • Dashboard: Min width changed to Max per row for repeating panels. This lets you specify the maximum number of panels to show per row and by that repeated panels will always take up full width of row #12991, thx @pgiraud
    • Dashboard: Retain decimal precision when exporting CSV #13929, thx @cinaglia
    • Templating: Escaping “Custom” template variables #13754, thx @IntegersOfK
    • Templating: Add percentencode formatting to variable interpolation to be used mainly for url escaping #12764, thx @cxcv
    • Units: Add blood glucose level units mg/dL and mmol/L #14519, thx @kjedamzik
    • Units: Add Floating Point Operations per Second units #14558, thx @hahnjo
    • Table: Renders epoch string as date if date column style #14484
    • Dataproxy: Override incoming Authorization header #13815, thx @kornholi
    • Dataproxy: Add global datasource proxy timeout setting #5699, thx @RangerRick
    • Database: Support specifying database host using IPV6 for backend database and sql datasources #13711, thx @ellisvlad
    • Database: Support defining additonal database connection string args when using url property in database settings #14709, thx @tpetr
    • Stackdriver: crossSeriesAggregation not being sent with the query #15129, thx @Legogris

    Bug fixes

    • Search: Fix for issue with scrolling the “tags filter” dropdown, fixes #14486
    • Prometheus: Query for annotation always uses 60s step regardless of dashboard range, fixes #14795
    • Annotations: Fix creating annotation when graph panel has no data points position the popup outside viewport #13765, thx @banjeremy
    • Piechart/Flot: Fixes multiple piechart instances with donut bug #15062

    Breaking changes

    • Text Panel: The text panel does no longer by default allow unsantizied HTML. #4117. This means that if you have text panels with scripts tags they will no longer work as before. To enable unsafe javascript execution in text panels enable the settings disable_sanitize_html under the section [panels] in your Grafana ini file, or set env variable GF_PANELS_DISABLE_SANITIZE_HTML=true.
    • Dashboard: Panel property minSpan replaced by maxPerRow. Dashboard migration will automatically migrate all dashboard panels using the minSpan property to the new maxPerRow property #12991

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