prometheus/prometheus 2.7.0 / 2019-01-28

  • We’re rolling back the Dockerfile changes introduced in 2.6.0. If you made changes to your docker deployment in 2.6.0, you will need to roll them back. This release also adds experimental support for disk size based retention. To accomodate that we are deprecating the flag storage.tsdb.retention in favour of storage.tsdb.retention.time. We print a warning if the flag is in use, but it will function without breaking until Prometheus 3.0.

    • [CHANGE] Rollback Dockerfile to version at 2.5.0. Rollback of the breaking change introduced in 2.6.0. #5122
    • [FEATURE] Add subqueries to PromQL. #4831
    • [FEATURE] [EXPERIMENTAL] Add support for disk size based retention. Note that we don’t consider the WAL size which could be significant and the time based retention policy also applies. #5109 prometheus/tsdb#343
    • [FEATURE] Add CORS origin flag. #5011
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Consul SD: Add tagged address to the discovery metadata. #5001
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Kubernetes SD: Add service external IP and external name to the discovery metadata. #4940
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Azure SD: Add support for Managed Identity authentication. #4590
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Azure SD: Add tenant and subscription IDs to the discovery metadata. #4969
    • [ENHANCEMENT] OpenStack SD: Add support for application credentials based authentication. #4968
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Add metric for number of rule groups loaded. #5090
    • [BUGFIX] Avoid duplicate tests for alert unit tests. #4964
    • [BUGFIX] Don’t depend on given order when comparing samples in alert unit testing. #5049
    • [BUGFIX] Make sure the retention period doesn’t overflow. #5112
    • [BUGFIX] Make sure the blocks don’t get very large. #5112
    • [BUGFIX] Don’t generate blocks with no samples. prometheus/tsdb#374
    • [BUGFIX] Reintroduce metric for WAL corruptions. prometheus/tsdb#473

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