prometheus/alertmanager 0.16.0 / 2019-01-17

  • This release introduces a new API v2, fully generated via the OpenAPI project
    [1]. At the same time with this release the previous API v1 is being
    deprecated. API v1 will be removed with Alertmanager release v0.18.0.

    • [CHANGE] Deprecate API v1
    • [CHANGE] Remove api/v1/alerts/groups GET endpoint (#1508 & #1525)
    • [CHANGE] Revert Alertmanager working directory changes in Docker image back to /alertmanager (#1435)
    • [CHANGE] Using the recommended label syntax for maintainer in Dockerfile (#1533)
    • [CHANGE] Change alertmanager_notifications_total to count attempted notifications, not only successful ones (#1578)
    • [CHANGE] Run as nobody inside container (#1586)
    • [CHANGE] Support w for weeks when creating silences, remove y for year (#1620)
    • [FEATURE] Introduce OpenAPI generated API v2 (#1352)
    • [FEATURE] Lookup parts in strings using regexp.MatchString in templates (#1452)
    • [FEATURE] Support image/thumb url in attachment in Slack notifier (#1506)
    • [FEATURE] Support custom TLS certificates for the email notifier (#1528)
    • [FEATURE] Add support for images and links in the PagerDuty notification config (#1559)
    • [FEATURE] Add support for grouping by all labels (#1588)
    • [FEATURE] [amtool] Add timeout support to amtool commands (#1471)
    • [FEATURE] [amtool] Added config routes tools for vizualization and testing routes (#1511)
    • [FEATURE] [amtool] Support adding alerts using amtool (#1461)
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Add support for --log.format (#1658)
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Add CORS support to API v2 (#1667)
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Support HTML, URL title and custom sounds for Pushover (#1634)
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Update Alert compact view (#1698)
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Support adding custom fields to VictorOps notifications (#1420)
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Add help link in UI to Alertmanager documentation (#1522)
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Enforce HTTP or HTTPS URLs in Alertmanager config (#1567)
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Make OpsGenie API Key a templated string (#1594)
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Add name, value and SlackConfirmationField to action in Slack notifier (#1557)
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Show more alert information on silence form and silence view pages (#1601)
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Add cluster peers DNS refresh job (#1428)
    • [BUGFIX] Fix unmarshalling of secret URLs in config (#1663)
    • [BUGFIX] Do not write groupbyall and groupby when marshaling config (#1665)
    • [BUGFIX] Make a copy of firing alerts with EndsAt=0 when flushing (#1686)
    • [BUGFIX] Respect regex matchers when recreating silences in UI (#1697)
    • [BUGFIX] Change DefaultGlobalConfig to a function in Alertmanager configuration (#1656)
    • [BUGFIX] Fix email template typo in alert-warning style (#1421)
    • [BUGFIX] Fix silence redirect on silence creation UI page (#1548)
    • [BUGFIX] Add missing callback_id parameter in Slack notifier (#1592)
    • [BUGFIX] Throw error if no auth mechanism matches in email notifier (#1608)
    • [BUGFIX] Use quoted-printable transfer encoding for the email notifier (#1609)
    • [BUGFIX] Do not merge expired gossip messages (#1631)
    • [BUGFIX] Fix “PLAIN” auth during notification via smtp-over-tls on port 465 (#1591)
    • [BUGFIX] [amtool] Support for assuming first label is alertname in silence add and query (#1693)
    • [BUGFIX] [amtool] Support assuming first label is alertname in alert query with matchers (#1575)
    • [BUGFIX] [amtool] Fix config path check in amtool (#1538)
    • [BUGFIX] [amtool] Fix rfc3339 example texts (#1526)
    • [BUGFIX] [amtool] Fixed issue with loading path of a default configs (#1529)


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