cloudnativelabs/kube-router v0.2.4

  • Apart from bug fixes some nice enhancements went in to the release

    thanks to @asteven for adding support for

    • #575 annotation that let your selectively advertise service VIP’s
    • #618 prevent access to the nodes through service IP, permit traffic to the only required ports

    thanks to @uablrek @Arvinderpal for continued IPv6 incremental updates

    • #578

    thanks @bazuchan @eric @zerkms @mk01 for your contributions


    10ddc095 Fixed typo in Global External BGP Peers example (#627)
    d7a7a6d7 Add missing ip6tables package to docker container (#631)
    4da8ee70 [RFC] prevent host services from being accessible through service IPs (#618)
    4efc6cce Add documentation on dependency management using dep. (#621)
    34270e42 Periodicaly sync iptables MASQUERADE rules (#619)
    c63e71a5 Enable net.bridge.bridge-nf-call-ip6tables for IPv6. (#608)
    48e2c7b7 Add iptables input rules for ipvs services (#604)
    c38e8f66 Change append to insert for iptables rules (#596)
    853b75b1 Periodicaly sync default forward rules (#603)
    6cdc2373 Make ipv6 routing to pods (CNI routing) work for ipv6 (#578)
    7b9291aa fix docs
    1a30f9e2 implement per-service annotations to control IP advertisment (#575)
    e5d599b1 Roffe/metrics polish (#595)
    0cdaa436 docs/ change example to use printf (#594)
    46f8265e docs: how to configure explicit proxy (#582)

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