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    5.4.1 (2018-12-10)

    • Stackdriver: Fixes issue with data proxy and Authorization header #14262
    • Units: fixedUnit for Flow:l/min and mL/min #14294, thx @flopp999.
    • Logging: Fix for issue where data proxy logged a secret when debug logging was enabled, now redacted. #14319
    • InfluxDB: Add support for alerting on InfluxDB queries that use the cumulative_sum function. #14314, thx @nitti
    • Plugins: Panel plugins should no receive the panel-initialized event again as usual.
    • Embedded Graphs: Iframe graph panels should now work as usual. #14284
    • Postgres: Improve PostgreSQL Query Editor if using different Schemas, #14313
    • Quotas: Fixed for updating org & user quotas. #14347, thx #moznion
    • Cloudwatch: Add the AWS/SES Cloudwatch metrics of BounceRate and ComplaintRate to auto complete list. #14401, thx @sglajchEG
    • Dashboard Search: Fixed filtering by tag issues.
    • Graph: Fixed time region issues, #14425, #14280
    • Graph: Fixed issue with series color picker popover being placed outside window.

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