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    5.4.0 (2018-12-03)

    • Cloudwatch: Fix invalid time range causes segmentation fault #14150
    • Cloudwatch: AWS/CodeBuild metrics and dimensions #14167, thx @mmcoltman
    • MySQL: Fix $__timeFrom() and $__timeTo() should respect local time zone #14228

    5.4.0-beta1 fixes

    • Graph: Fix legend always visible even if configured to be hidden #14144
    • Elasticsearch: Fix regression when using datasource version 6.0+ and alerting #14175

    5.4.0-beta1 (2018-11-20)

    New Features

    • Alerting: Introduce alert debouncing with the FOR setting. #7886 & #6202
    • Alerting: Option to disable OK alert notifications #12330 & #6696, thx @davewat
    • Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL: Adds support for configuration of max open/idle connections and connection max lifetime. Also, panels with multiple SQL queries will now be executed concurrently #11711, thx @connection-reset
    • MySQL: Graphical query builder #13762, thx svenklemm
    • MySQL: Support connecting thru Unix socket for MySQL datasource #12342, thx @Yukinoshita-Yukino
    • MSSQL: Add encrypt setting to allow configuration of how data sent between client and server are encrypted #13629, thx @ramiro
    • Stackdriver: Not possible to authenticate using GCE metadata server #13669
    • Teams: Team preferences (theme, home dashboard, timezone) support #12550
    • Graph: Time regions support enabling highlight of weekdays and/or certain timespans #5930
    • OAuth: Automatic redirect to sign-in with OAuth #11893, thx @Nick-Triller
    • Stackdriver: Template query editor #13561


    • Security: Upgrade macaron session package to fix security issue. #14043
    • Cloudwatch: Show all available CloudWatch regions #12308, thx @mtanda
    • Cloudwatch: AWS/Connect metrics and dimensions #13970, thx @zcoffy
    • Cloudwatch: CloudHSM metrics and dimensions #14129, thx @daktari
    • Cloudwatch: Enable using variables in the stats field #13810, thx @mtanda
    • Postgres: Add delta window function to postgres query builder #13925, thx svenklemm
    • Elasticsearch: Fix switching to/from es raw document metric query #6367
    • Elasticsearch: Fix deprecation warning about terms aggregation order key in Elasticsearch 6.x #11977
    • Graph: Render dots when no connecting line can be made #13605, thx @jsferrei
    • Table: Fix CSS alpha background-color applied twice in table cell with link #13606, thx @grisme
    • Singlestat: Fix XSS in prefix/postfix #13946, thx @cinaglia
    • Units: New clock time format, to format ms or second values as for example 01h:59m, #13635, thx @franciscocpg
    • Alerting: Increaste default duration for queries #13945
    • Alerting: More options for the Slack Alert notifier #13993, thx @andreykaipov
    • Alerting: Can’t receive DingDing alert when alert is triggered #13723, thx @Yukinoshita-Yukino
    • Alerting: Increase Telegram captions length limit #13876, thx @skgsergio
    • Internal metrics: Renamed grafana_info to grafana_build_info and added branch, goversion and revision #13876
    • Datasource Proxy: Keep trailing slash for datasource proxy requests #13326, thx @ryantxu
    • OAuth: Fix Google OAuth relies on email, not google account id #13924, thx @vinicyusmacedo
    • Dashboard: Toggle legend using keyboard shortcut #13655, thx @davewat
    • Dashboard: Fix render dashboard row drag handle only in edit mode #13555, thx @praveensastry
    • Teams: Fix cannot select team if not included in initial search #13425
    • Render: Support full height screenshots using phantomjs render script #13352, thx @amuraru
    • HTTP API: Support retrieving teams by user #14120, thx @supercharlesliu
    • Metrics: Add basic authentication to metrics endpoint #13577, thx @bobmshannon

    Breaking changes

    • Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL datasources now per default uses max open connections = unlimited (earlier 10), max idle connections = 2 (earlier 10) and connection max lifetime = 4 hours (earlier unlimited).

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