prometheus/prometheus 2.5.0 / 2018-11-06

    • [CHANGE] Group targets by scrape config instead of job name. #4806 #4526
    • [CHANGE] Marathon SD: Various changes to adapt to Marathon 1.5+. #4499
    • [CHANGE] Discovery: Split prometheus_sd_discovered_targets metric by scrape and notify (Alertmanager SD) as well as by section in the respective configuration. #4753
    • [FEATURE] Add OpenMetrics support for scraping (EXPERIMENTAL). #4700
    • [FEATURE] Add unit testing for rules. #4350
    • [FEATURE] Make maximum number of samples per query configurable via --query.max-samples flag. #4513
    • [FEATURE] Make maximum number of concurrent remote reads configurable via flag. #4656
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Support s390x platform for Linux. #4605
    • [ENHANCEMENT] API: Add prometheus_api_remote_read_queries metric tracking currently executed or waiting remote read API requests. #4699
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Remote Read: Add prometheus_remote_storage_remote_read_queries metric tracking currently in-flight remote read queries. #4677
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Remote Read: Reduced memory usage. #4655
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Discovery: Add prometheus_sd_discovered_targets, prometheus_sd_received_updates_total, prometheus_sd_updates_delayed_total, and prometheus_sd_updates_total metri
      cs for discovery subsystem. #4667
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Discovery: Improve performance of previously slow updates of changes of targets. #4526
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Kubernetes SD: Add extended metrics. #4458
    • [ENHANCEMENT] OpenStack SD: Support discovering instances from all projects. #4682
    • [ENHANCEMENT] OpenStack SD: Discover all interfaces. #4649
    • [ENHANCEMENT] OpenStack SD: Support tls_config for the used HTTP client. #4654
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Triton SD: Add ability to filter triton_sd targets by pre-defined groups. #4701
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Web UI: Avoid browser spell-checking in expression field. #4728
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Web UI: Add scrape duration and last evaluation time in targets and rules pages. #4722
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Web UI: Improve rule view by wrapping lines. #4702
    • [ENHANCEMENT] Rules: Error out at load time for invalid templates, rather than at evaluation time. #4537 * [ENHANCEMENT] TSDB: Add metrics for WAL operations. #4692
    • [BUGFIX] Change max/min over_time to handle NaNs properly. #4386
    • [BUGFIX] Check label name for count_values PromQL function. #4585
    • [BUGFIX] Ensure that vectors and matrices do not contain identical label-sets. #4589

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